Rapid Bacteria RNA Isolation Kit


This kit is designed for preparation of high quality total RNA from bacteria cells. 20 μg total RNA can be purified from 5 x 10^7 bacteria cells using this kit. Purified RNA is ready for most downstream applications such as RT-PCR, Northern Blotting, Poly (A) purification, nuclease protection and in vitro translation. NOTE: Care must be taken when working with RNA. It is important to maintain an RNAse-free environment starting with RNA sample preparation and continue through purification and analysis. Use
RNAse free tubes, tips, gels. Wear gloves at all times.

ویژگی ها

Fast. Using fast lysis buffer, the whole procedure takes less than 40 minutes.
High Quality of RNA. Purified RNA has an OD260/OD280 ratio of 1.9-2.0.

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