EZ-10 Spin Column Animal DNA Mini-Preps Kit


EZ-10 Spin Column Kits provide a fast, simple and efficient method for purification of genomic DNA from various sources such as Bacteria, Plant tissue, Animal tissue, Cells and Blood.

By taking the advantage of our silica-based DNA purification technology, DNA is selectively adsorbed in the silica-based membrane embedded in EZ-10 Spin Column. Other components and impurities flow through the column or are washed away during wash steps. Genomic DNA is then eluted off the column and can be readily used in most downstream applications, including restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, Southern-blotting, etc.

The purification procedure using in these kits does not require use of hazardous compounds such as phenol, chloroform, or CsCl. DNA is purified without additional steps of ethanol precipitation.

ویژگی ها

Simple, fast and efficient.
Preparation of high quality genomic DNA from various sources.
High yield and reproducible.
No phenol chloroform extraction or ethanol precipitation required.
High capacity - up to 10 µg of DNA per column

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