Lysozyme 1gr

ویژگی ها

Activity: ≥20,000 units/mg protein
Unit definition: One unit will produce a change in A450 of 0.001 per minute at pH 6.24 at 25 °C, using a suspension of Micrococcus lysodeikticus as substrate, in a 2.6 ml reaction mixture (1 cm light path)

Molecular mass: 14,307 Da (amino acid sequence)

Isoelectric point (pI): 11.35

Extinction co-efficients: E1% (281.5 nm): 26.4 in 0.1 M potassium chloride
EmM (280 nm): 36

Optimal pH:
The activity of lysozyme is a function of both pH and ionic strength. The enzyme is active over a broad pH range (6.0–9.0). At pH 6.2, maximal activity is observed over a wider range of ionic strengths (0.02–0.100M) than at pH 9.2 (0.01–0.06 M).

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