EZ-10 Cleanup Minipreps Kit


This DNA Cleanup kit provides a simple, efficient method for purification of DNA fragments from variable enzymatic reactions such as cDNA synthesis, ligation, restriction enzyme digestions, tailing, PCR, alkaline phosphatase, nick translation, due terminators products from PCR reaction mixture. It is also an ideal tool to desalt solution of DNA as well as to remove residual organic solvents or unincorporated nucleotides or primers (<40-mer) from reaction mixtures.

ویژگی ها

Rapid and economical. Entire procedure takes 40 minutes.
High yields (60-80%). It is suitable to recover 100 bp-40 kb DNA fragments.
Efficient removal of contaminants. Purified DNA can be used in any downstream applications such as sequencing, labeling, restriction enzymatic digestions, ligations or transformations.
Convenience and environment friendly. No phenol / chloroformextraction or ethanol precipitation.

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