Rapid Plant RNA Isolation Kit.SIZE.50 Preps


This kit is designed for preparation of high quality total RNA from a wide variety of plant species and tissues types. Plant tissue are lysed and homogenized by Buffer Rlysis-P. All contaminants, such as polysaccharide, are removed by centrifugation. Purified RNA is ready for most downstream applications such as RT-PCR,
Northern Blotting, Poly (A) purification, nuclease protection and in vitro translation.

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Fast. The whole procedure can be completed in 40 minutes.
High Quality of RNA. Purified plant total RNA can be used large range of application. Its OD260/OD280 ratio is generally > 1.8.
Versatile. Suitable for isolation of total RNA from a wide range of specimens such as arabidopsis thaliana, tobacco, camphor and other samples.

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